Activimetrics LLC

Activimetrics LLC offers specialized optimization and routing solutions to both start-ups and established firms. If you have a routing or scheduling problem, send us an email and we can help solve it.

With over 20 years of professional modeling and optimization work in the transportation space, our competitive edge is being able to translate fuzzy, real-world constraints into computer code that works. At the moment, we primarily use Google’s OR-Tools as it is a best-in-class solver for both routing problems and more general optimization tasks. This solver is free to use, and so our customers are not locked in to expensive licensing agreements.

Activimetrics LLC also offers a broader array of consulting services related to transportation systems analysis, planning, policy development, and deployment. Our firm was founded by academics who wanted to translate cutting edge research into practice. We stay current with the latest software and techniques, from data processing pipelines to optimization solvers.

Contact us with your optimization or transportation problems and let us help you find a solution.

Design — Develop — Deploy

Whether you have a fleet of minivans that need routing, a team of technicians that needs assignments, or just a complicated facility assignment problem that you’re having trouble figuring out, Activimetrics has the talent and experience to rapidly design, develop, and deploy standalone solutions or components for integration with larger systems. Check out our products) page for descriptions of some of our work.


With over 25 years of combined experience conducting research, research evaluation, and research deployment, Activimetrics principals can offer new insights to challenges in the transportation domain and beyond. In our blog, we regularly post about transportation topics. We are also available for bespoke research, for example, exploring the potential impacts of 5G technologies on personal transportation, or listing the barriers to deploying blockchain in the short haul freight market.

Become a client

For most of our clients, we first set up a master services agreement along with individual project contracts. We can also provide research services for a certain number of hours per month, for example keeping tabs on applications for a new technology in the transportation industry. To date, our two principals have led every project. We can also hire auxiliary staff from our friends at the UC Irvine Institute of Transportation Studies as needed on a per-project basis.

Shoot us an email at to start the ball rolling and to explore how we can add value to your project.