Activimetrics LLC

Activimetrics LLC offers consulting and custom software development related to transportation systems analysis, planning, policy development, and deployment. Founded by academics who wanted to translate cutting edge research into practice, Activimetrics LLC staff stay current with the latest software and techniques, from data processing pipelines to optimization solvers. Contact us with your transportation problems and let us help you find a solution.

Design — Develop — Deploy

Whether you’re facing transportation’s “big data” challenges or you simply need a visualization tool for data you’ve already organized, Activimetrics has the talent and experience to rapidly design, develop, and deploy standalone solutions or components for integration with larger systems. Check out our products) page for descriptions of some of our work along with links to GitHub repositories.


With over 25 years of combined experience conducting research, research evaluation, and research deployment, Activimetrics principals can offer new insights to challenges in the transportation domain and beyond. In our blog, we regularly post about transportation topics. We are also available for bespoke research, for example, exploring the potential impacts of 5G technologies on personal transportation, or listing the barriers to deploying blockchain in the short haul freight market.

Become a client

We can provide a wide range of services to our clients. We are transportation engineers first and foremost, and so our work is primarily focused in that domain. We can develop code in any language to solve problems that require insights into how the transportation system works, and how people make individual choices when traveling or moving goods. We can also perform custom research to examine how new technologies or innovations might capitalize on market inefficiencies in transportation and urban form.

We prefer to work using a master services agreement for a fixed period of time that guarantees a certain number of hours of dedicated research in that period. The provided services can be as broad as keeping tabs on market opportunities for a new technology, or as focused as developing custom software for a specific product. Our principals lead every project, and we can also hire auxiliary staff from our friends at the UC Irvine Institute of Transportation Studies as needed on a per-project basis.

Shoot us an email at to start the ball rolling and to explore how we can add value to your project.