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Lava Lava Collage

We went a couple of times to Lava Lava Lounge for dinner.

Lava Lava Collage

Lava Lava Lounge is the old Al and Don’s. We hated Al and Don’s—it was a cheap-in-a-bad-way throwback to a 50’s diner. Canned fruit in their breakfasts when there is plenty of fresh fruit grown on Kauai. Plus seating was entirely inside and the windows were grimy and gross.

The location is right off the beach, and the new owners have taken advantage of that with plenty of outdoor seating. Plus it is right next door to Lae Nani, so it was pretty convenient.

The second time we went, I took a bunch of photos so as to make a collage. Last night I finally got around to working with the images. Here is my first take on the collage.